Tuesday, March 19, 2013


One day we'll release all the buttons-
First from their holes
Their jobs as dams as dikes
As unwavering supporters
and secret keepers.
Then we will untie them from their shirts
From pants and jackets
And tell them to go free.

I'm sure they will be scared at first
Rolling around and free
Forgotten in pockets and pavements
Seat cushions and subways.

And we too will be scared.
To have it all out there and shit.
To let our soft bellies hang out under and through
Now shapeless swaddles.

And we will have to remake our bodies
When we can't rely on those cute little buttons to hold us in
To hold us back
To hide our softnesses
Or we will have to remake our minds about our bodies
And live with our bellies our softnesses
Or even love them.

And buttons must have long lives
Made of bone or metal
Or plastic
So sturdy in structure and small enough
Where the leverage of the universe seldom deigns to turn it on itself.
A button has time then
To learn a new life
To hear a new call
To let new things through its open heart
That you and I and it may not ever
Or not yet
Dream of.