Monday, December 29, 2014

Too Big to Flush

Oct. 19, 2014

When huge banks fucked everyone over and sent the entire globe into a recession and vaporized what was left of the myth of the American dream, and people said they had to be saved regardless because the banks were "too big to fail," I thought "what does that mean -- too big to fail? It doesn't make sense."
I just had a bowel movement that was literally too big to flush.
And facing the mountain of shit in my toilet, I thought about the banks. I have two options: Get in there and make it flush, unpleasant but necessary; or I could defer to the fece pile as too big to flush and just leave it in the toilet and hope that it will regulate itself and eventually the water will kind of break it down and maybe one day soon it will recede of its own volition.
Even if that happens, if by some miracle it washes away, my house will smell super gross and I'll probably get pink eye in the interim.
What I'm saying here people, is that the banks are a big pile of shit, and we should have gotten rid of capitalism while we had the chance, but we fucked it up and now we're crying golden tears, mistaking pus for precious, looking at the world through rose-colored corneas, scratching the itch in our neighbor's eye while ignoring the infection in our own. And non-profits have positioned themselves where our spines used to be.
Capitalism is not sustainable: financially, ecologically, or spiritually. It is a spiritually undisciplined practice that regards material as superior to experience, which inherently engenders exploitation. It encourages people to get off the proverbial toilet and sneak out of the bathroom if they can, without dealing with what the byproducts of their consumption, without regulating how much they consume or having to invest in improving the plumbing.

And that's just not cool.

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