Monday, December 29, 2014

Who threw the first punch?

Nov. 24, 2014 7:30ish p.m., an hour or so before a Ferguson, Mo., grand jury announced its decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson fro the murder of Michael Brown.

The government of Ferguson will soon ask protestors to remain "calm" regardless of the grand jury decision because of the "unrest" in the wake of the killing of Michael Brown. But it was NOT the protestors who showed a lack of restraint then. It was the soldiers dispatched to suppress a peaceful protest. Jay Nixon should be forcing the police to remain calm. The government continues urge Black people to be peaceful despite the fact the United States has been waging war on Black people since before it was an independent country. The murders of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner and Renisha McBride are genocide. I dont use that word lightly. But it is impossible to separate the middle passage, Dred scott, lynchings, Emmet Till, the disproportionate numbers of African Americans on the front lines of America's imperialist wars, the new Jim Crow of mass incarcerations and drug legislation, the water shutoffs in America's Blackest city, and the above murders from one another. This genocide has continued unabated for 500 years. And yet we ask the people we are killing to remain peaceful. I believe in peace. Truly. But I will not ask or advocate peace from Black people while my community continues to wage war. Wake up white people. We are the ones with guns and tanks. We are the ones who manage the jails. It is our fingers on the triggers. With our hands on the taps. Whose genetic imprint on the Black community tells the story of institutionalized rape. We are the ones who should be waging peace. Who should have remained calm. Who should stop the violence. Who need to rebuild our communities. Who need to protest for justice. Because regardless of what happens when the grand jury announces its decision, it is all of us who are guilty of the first-degree murder of Michael Brown. Premeditated. For all the chances we have had to rectify our continued assault on African peoples here, on the continent and across the Diaspora.

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